Who is this guy?



“A jack of all trades is a master of… telling stories that won’t bore you to death.”


I like a lot of different things. I like to focus on multiple genres of art or music. Don’t get me wrong. This is no handicap. It makes my creative moments extremely interesting for me.

I’ve enjoyed the creative process ever since I was young. I’ve taught myself everything from music to graphic design. I’ve been working with the Adobe suite professionally since 2015, but I’ve been creating cover art and image edits for way longer than that. My passion lies within creativity of almost any kind.

I’ve also been experimenting with, producing and officially releasing music since 2005. I’ve produced music for videos, clubs, raves, YouTubers and just plain ol’ entertainment. This naturally connected me to the world of social media where I’ve been promoting, networking and growing audiences since the MySpace days.

I also founded the music labels Tiefhaus Records, Dubhaus Records and Nikita Digital together with Hugo Allen starting in 2009, projects that are still active today.

I’m happy to be able to say that graphic design and media creation are part of my daily work routine, currently. I would like to focus even more on the following aspects of creation in my professional life:

graphic design • music • UX/UI design