Pentatonic & Gin

P&G was a very fun progressive house track to produce. I really tried to focus on the percussion but also the chord progression. The chords are on the pentatonic scale as the name implies.

Although, I tend to go for slower bpm production nowadays, this track remains one of my favorites.

Release Info:
Pentatonic and Gin EP

Description: It all started with a harmonic passage, ordered by formulaic sequences. Although, the aesthetic experience came into fruition, after a gratifying sip of a spirit. The pairing is ‘Pentatonic and Gin,’ Thomas Radman’s latest. “I was out of tonic; I paired the gin to the track,” he says. As remixers, Reiklavik, DJ U-Cef and Angelo Abresso provided galvanizing interpretations of the title track.

Artists: Reiklavik, DJ U-Cef, Angelo Abresso, Thomas Radman
Release Date: 2014-03-07
Label: Tiefhaus Records
Catalog: THR030


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