Coachella 2017 Mix: Long hours. Sweat. Tears and… Chicken Pox?

“It’s finally done!” Are the words that go through my head each year right before the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA kicks off… and this for the last one and a half decades. I am, of course, talking about the mix…

So, a little recap: John Beaver and I (as Thomas Radman) started creating DJ style mixes of Coachella artists in 2004. Any genre and as many bands from the line up as possible. This mix was made available as a download ahead of the festival so people had something to listen to and get hyped about on the drive up…. We did this every year since and we just never stopped making them… making this our 14th annual Coachella mix.

This year’s version is finished and can be downloaded on the following page:


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The mix took many weeks of after-work late night hours to complete. On the very last day, when it was finally done, my immune system kinda collapsed, like a marathon runner at the finish line, and allowed me to get the chicken pox… as a 35 year old. I guess we just gave it all we had.. and it turned out so super awesome!!

Creating the Promo artwork is also part of each year’s ritual. John gets the original flyer done through his connections and I take it and do things with it. Or like with the Pulp Fiction spin-off below, I like to create fun little Coachella teasers out of pretty much anything that inspires me.

John gets into the photo editing spirit as well during Coachella. Since I live in Germany and we can’t have a photo shoot together like we did back in the day he likes to add obscure old cutouts of me into pictures of him playing at Coachella as can be seen below.

He cracks me up 😀

17901901_10154728812283547_1119763242_o   12998180_10153737627138547_1812399282824112454_o







Having said all that, I’m going to take a well deserved rest and hope that everyone going to Coachella is gonna have the time of their life and to many more years of Coachella and the mixes we make for it.

Coachella or Bust